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Upload Format

All fields, whether required or optional, must be represented in the upload file. The field must be included, even if it does not contain data.
File must be comma-delimited in the following format:

-Contributor record id
-Permit number (if applicable)
-Month Found (numeric)***
-Day Found***
-Year Found***
-Adjacent County**
-Site description
-Latitude (Decimal Degrees)***
-Longitude (Decimal Degrees)***
-Field number
-Species Group**
-Collection method**
-# collected / observed
-# removed / vouchered
-Institution of Specimen(s) Disposition
-Museum code or Accession Number
-Was organism present? (yes or no)
-Quad name**
-HUC (10 Digits) ***
-Was organism found during daylight or crepuscular periods? (yes or no)
-Additional notes

*Blue fields are required
  One of the Green fields is required

**Indicates that the data is restricted and can only be certain entries; otherwise, the data will be flagged as invalid and the record will be rejected.

***Data must be within certain parameters or a certain range.