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A complete list of collection methods maintained by the Natural Heritage Section.
AERIAL NETSampled using aerial nets
Aerial SurveySurveyed from above by use of a plane or helicopter
AORSpecies found alive on road
AUM_HERBData from Auburn University Herbarium Collection
AUM_HERPData from Auburn University Herp Collection
BBABreeding Bird Atlas
BBSBreeding Bird Survey
CAPTUREDSpecies captured by hand, net, or trap
CASTNETSampled using cast nets
CBCChristmas Bird Count
COLLECTEDSpecies collected by hand, net, or trap
CoreCollected within core sample
CoverboardSampled using coverboards
CRAYFISH EXCAVATIONDigging with hands, trawls, and shovels; and/or filling hole with water; and/or plunging hole with plunger to force crayfish out
CRAYFISH TRAPSampled using crawfish trap
DEADSpecimen found dead and identified for records database
DIPNET/MINTRDipnet and minnow traps
DORSpecies found dead on road
DRIFT FENCESampled using drift fence and/or pitfall traps